File Expert with Clouds App

File Expert with Clouds App

File Expert with Clouds App Review

It been years since I have been handling a Android handset, and if you too are a avid user, you would know better that, presence of a good file manager is extremely important. Generally we exploit the file manager to track the exact location of a file to copy, delete or modify them. But after I installed the File Expert Cloud all the other file managers turned out to be from the stone age.

Generally, the File Expert Cloud manages my files and adapts a perspective best suited for me or any general user. After opening the app I found a clean and clear interface which perfectly categorized and segregated the various files present in my device. All I need to do is simply click on the category ( video, music, apps, images, document, to name a few) that I need to explore. Even I can filter out my favourite files by simply marking them as favorite.

For me the most striking that the File expert cloud is their file management support which is not limited to the Android device but extended upto cloud servers. They provide an option of Gcloud whose cloud services can be exploited by simply registering, and the most useful of them all is the My Cloud option. In this I was able to link up all my cloud services at a single place. Yes, you guessed it write, a mind boggling feature indeed. In the My Cloud section, I was able to sync up my various cloud services ranging from Dropbox, Google Drive and so on.  This is the very feature that I absolutely adore about this product. All this drives are properly organized and the data from these drives servers can be accessed by a simple touch of my finger. How cool is that!

There are other very handy utilities as well such as file sharing using FTP, Bluetooth or Wifi. Even they provided the option of sharing files from mobile to other devices using one of their recognized product i.e. Web PC suite. A well planned application, I must confess.

Even my existing apps and apk files are properly categorized into downloaded, installed and possible updateable, which eases my approach to target each one of them separately. The File Expert Cloud even has various plugins which is really helpful to customize the look and feel of the interface according to my taste and needs. The application is extremely agile and tries to integrate all possible user activities under one application. Even it provided me with an option to open up a browser tab in the application itself. Yeah, I know, another astounding feature.

When I thought that i had utilized each and every functionality that this amazing app had to provide, I happened to stumble upon the One Touch Clean tool, which cleaned by browser history, cache and unused files from my devices at the single click of a button. There were many other useful utilities like the file-shredder & memory manager for which I had to procure the paid version of the app and I am pretty sure that on purchasing it, I won’t ever regret my investment.

You can download this App from the Google Play Store using this link  >> File Expert With Clouds App

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