iNote HD: App Review


App Name: iNote HD
Developer: Digital Pen
Price: Free (Limited)
Size: 3.5 MB

iNote is a nifty little app to take down handwritten notes on the go. If typing rapidly on a clumsy keyboard is not your thing, iNote may be of immense help. Anything can be scribbled down on your iPhone or iPad and edited using a color brush. Of course, there are options to share your notes (as pdf too!) via e-mail.

Whats Hot

iNote is a fun and handy app. Its light, simple, and easy to work around with. The interface is almost clutter-free. The main function, handwriting recognition itself is pretty flawless, and makes for quick working. It offers support for upto 11 languages, and is a convenient tool to carry if you are prepared to get used to it.

Whats Not

The app doesn’t do anything extraordinary. So, if you were expecting anything like Paint or Photoshop, think again. Its just a quick memo-taker. Come to think of it, iNote is more of a fun app, than a feasible one. Its useful, but not for everyone. The app’s paid premium versions offer more tools and features of practical use.


Handy – It also makes for a good pastime … how much and how you utilize it, is entirely your perspective. From a practical point of view, iNote seems lacking for a business-like approach.

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