Photo Cut App Review

App Name: Photo Cut (HD)

Developer: Chun Kit Fan

Price: Free (Limited); $ 1.99 (Premium)

Size: 43 MB

With the advent of the smartphones, camera has become a handy tool for most users. Playing around with pictures is fast catching up; the rise and rise of Instagram proves that! If mere filters and borders leave you unsatisfied, Photo Cut (HD) developed by Chun Kit Fan is a handy and dandy tool to get there. Photo Cut is not just about refining images, it gives you a lot of other options.

The main menu consists of:

  1. The Frame section consists of 4 other sub sections. The first one allows you the change the background of the frame. Limited, but some superb options there. You can have checkerboard patterns, or some geometric patterns, or a cardboard and paper background … the crumpled tissue backgrounds are really pretty. If you buy the Premium version of the app, you’ll get many more options. Once you are done with the background of your image, move on to uploading your images. More than one image can be uploaded for collage purposes. Next you can go on to add pretty stuff on your images … like a pin that gives the effect that the images have been pinned on a board one over the other. There are so many options here that you won’t be out of options any time soon. Text can be added on images too. The app boasts of few, but cool fonts. The size and color can be set as you like which is a big big plus, and ofcourse added effects for your text.
  2. Next the cut menu. The cut menu’s job is simple … cut out a section from your canvas … and guess what! You are allowed to cut it in freeform! Just tap on the rightmost corner and draw out the part that you want to cut. You can select how thick a border you want when you crop out a section … in my experience thicker the border you choose, more precise is the result. You can set a border color … if you want to cut out a section without a border, tap on NO and you are good to go!
  3. The next option is to crop out a section from the larger canvas … and it can be done in many a ways. There are decorative borders, star pattern in different colors … the borders of your cropping edges can be expanded or shrunk as required. Tapping on the stars to the two corners throws up options to save the Save the cropped part to frame, library or photo album. Here again, there are a few disabled options which are available only to premium users. You can play around with them as much as you want … but you are not allowed to save the image with these premium addons applied to them.
  4. Next on the menu is the Draw option. Basically a way to prettify your images. There are stars and flowers in all sorts of colors and sizes alongside again, a lot of premium options not available to free users. A nifty little eraser allows getting rid of the decoration in case you don’t like it.
  5. Next on the menu is a Library option – Images that you save while editing and cropping them can be saved in the library.
  6. The photo gallery feature is something that we couldn’t figure out right till the end. What exactly it does or what exactly shows up here is a mystery!
  7. Finally there’s demo and more apps for videos and links of some more apps.

Come to think of it … Photo cut is a lovely app. There are loads of options to be played around with, and if you are an amateur photographer whose sole aim is to upload good looking and attractive images to your Instagram or Facebook account, this is a perfect too. If you are a professional, they are plenty of better tools, paid and free out there that do a much better job. A sidenot: The app seems buggy and has a tendency to crash. Happened twice with us. All in all good fun if you are not looking for anything serious.

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