Web PC Suite – File Transfer App Review

Web PC Suite – File Transfer App Review

I am a tech geek and in my leisure am always surrounded with gadgets. So file transferring for me is a everyday activity. But sometimes file transfer can be really painful. I need to connect my device with USB or transfer it via Bluetooth. But, the Web PC Suite turned to be a boon for me. All I had to do was download the app on my Android device and I have the complete freedom of sharing my files to other mobile devices, PC and vice versa wirelessly .



For me the best feature of this app was the ability to share files between Android and iOS devices. Earlier to transfer files between an iPad and my Android handset, I had to use my PC as an interface or upload the files on Google Drive. But for large video files, Google Drive wasn’t a viable option. This is when Web PC Suite came to my aid.
First of all the app has a size of just 1.9 MB, which is even less than my current wallpaper and works like a charm. I didn’t even have to install any other software on any of my devices. After downloading and running the app, it showed 2 URLs. All I had to do is write the URL on any of my device’s browser and scan a QR-Code which appeared using the Android handset. At the very next moment, I was able to see every available content from my Android handset. The file transfer can be initiated on all browsers, from Chrome, Opera, Safari, Netscape Browser, you name it.

I tried this app on a number of other Android devices and in case the device didn’t have a rear camera, all I had to do was use an alternate link, which granted me direct transfer access using the Android device’s IP address.

Well the app’s utility doesn’t end here. I was able to play live music & video on my PC browser, by live streaming the media from my Android device. Also there is no worries of eavesdropping as the established connection is encrypted and secure.

It also has awesome web widgets which allows me to simply drag drop files to my device swiftly, with optimum ease. And guess what! There is no limitation of file size during wireless transfer of data.

Also I can make use of my lavish desktop keyboard to type on the Android device. All these and much more is provided by this app, free of cost, and without the intrusion of any boring advertisements.
The new update for Web PC suite has optimized the app launch speed & fixed a few minor bugs. It also incorporates an improved update mechanism. After reading the review if you think that the app is a cool one, well its about to get a lot cooler once you use it.
But the only obligation while using this app is, you need to make sure that your Android device and the device to which you are about to transfer or load data from are on the same network.

You can download the App from the Google Play store

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