10 Facts About App That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

 Smartphones have eased almost every aspects of our lives. With the help of smartphones you can multi-task and perform activities while on the go. You can buy a pair of shoes while crossing the road, or look for a classy new recipe to cater your taste buds. All these and even more have been possible only due to the advent of a smartphone.

Now that we acknowledge how important smartphones are in our lives, have you ever thought how a smartphone would be without apps. Yes, all the spontaneous above mentioned task that you perform on the go, is only possible though the vibrant world of apps. The app world is so big and diverse that it caters to almost every need that an app can suffice. These apps are so useful and fulfill such diverse needs of that they have received widespread acceptance. In this post, we would be elaborating and emphasizing on some of the coolest and fascinating trivia about apps. So, read on and find out some wicked facts about some apps.


#1 Downloads in billions – In 2010 alone over 5 billion apps were downloaded worldwide. But within 3 years the number of app downloads propelled to 21 billion in 2013. Of this huge chunk of downloaded apps, majority of these apps catered to social networking and media, while the rest were apps for maps, different services and games.

#2 Mobile apps vs mobile websites – Popular sources like Alexa, comScore & Flurry Analytics state that customers prefer apps over mobile website. In 2010, consumers were still unfamiliar with the app concept and thus app didn’t receive a good response. But as years passed by, people became more inclined towards using apps than website. Currently in the U.S, in a an average people spend 110 minutes per day using an app, while then spend less than 70 minutes using the mobile web.

#3 Popularity of Social media and maps – Social media and navigation apps are the most popular of them all. While the former aids users to connect with each other virtually, the navigation app helps to find routes to a particular destination. Apps pertaining to social networking are used more often, around 69% of the times while maps are used around 64% of the times.

#4 Revenue from various apps – Revenue is the driving force that leads to the creation of different apps. For a typical app development company, 24% is paid revenue, 5% revenue comes from paid apps while the major chunk of 71% comes from free apps. Thus free apps are the ones that grab the limelight and are most likely to bring huge profits.

#5 How to be a millionaire – A study suggested that a app developer had to see his app 581,395 times to be a millionaire. By 2010, developers of Doodle jump had 5 million downloads and made over $3.5 million. This showed that in the world of apps, you need to be smart and innovative to be a millionaire.

#6 Customer engagement – Mobile apps serve a specific purpose with high performance, this results in enhanced user experience and later, engagement. It is said that globally people use one or the other app more than 10 times a day.

#7 Mobile apps by visitors – Can you imagine, the Facebook mobile app is used by over 120,000 unique users everyday in the United States alone. It is followed by 85,000 & 73,000 unique visitors by YouTube & Google Play respectively.

#8 Best of the beasts – With a variety of mobile platforms available, users can now choose from a spectrum of different operating systems. But when it comes to the number of apps hosted by a mobile app store, Apple is the clear winner. iTunes has over 150,000 mobile applications, while Android store has around 20,000 mobile apps.

#9 World Wide sessions for apps – We all spend some specific amount of time engaging ourselves in one or the other app. Thus each app category too has different sessions associated with it. In this case, games are the clear winner. 52% mobile app sessions are for playing games, while 22% is for engaging in different social networking sites.

#10 Apps for moms – Mothers might be too busy with their kids, but they do find out time for their mobile apps. According to a research, almost 25% of the apps in a mother’s phone is for or closely related to her kid’s nutrition or well being. Way to go mom.

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