10 places where an app developers can get ideas for an app

Applications have made our life a lot simpler. A decade ago, we were not even aware of the possible effect a simple app might have in our lives, and now we can’t live without it. Such is the power of apps that on an average people around the globe spend at-least 15 minutes using one or the other apps.

There are a variety of apps available on a spectrum of platforms. From the basic desktop version to the more handy and agile mobile version, apps influence and easy our day to day lives. Mobile gaming apps provides us an escape from boredom during daily commute and to evade monotonacity, while the more useful shopping and e-commerce apps saves us a lot of time by letting us shop on the go and also lets us chose and compare different products from a spectrum of vendors.
Thus considering it’s limitless utilities and potential, for app developers creating apps has become a lucrative and promising career option. But the most important factor required before a developer starts sculpting the app is the basic idea that drives it.

The idea, it’s utility and the motivation revolving it solely decides how popular or essential the app might prove to be for the general public. So to seek such idea, the developer can consult some specialists, but it would increase the cost immensely.

Hence the best location to search for an app idea can be the internet as well as by unearthing and evaluating the needs of users from around the globe. Thus taking all these in consideration the top ten places to seek ideas for a great app are as follows:

1. Blogs and Forums:

You would be surprised to see the various ideas that you can find in different blogging sites and forums. These ideas are often described in layman’s language and clearly portrays how helpful and effective an idea can be. Forums like hubpages, blogspot & mashape are great sources of such ideas. As a app developer all you need to do is find it’s practical implication and how to present it in the form of an app.

2. Play store:

Google play store is the Mecca for Android apps. You can find thousands of apps from different categories in both paid and free versions. You can go through their descriptions and find out the theme behind them. Also you can download, install them and use them personally to find out how a specific app functions. Once you have found out a app that you like and know that you can create a similar app with much more panache and implications, you can start working on it. Anyone with an account can upload their apps in the app store, hence some of these apps in-spite of having a great motive lacks the professional look and feel & performance. So you can utilize your expertise and extract ideas from the already existing apps to create an elegant and useful app that strikes the right chords. For example, when the immensely popular Flappy bird was launched within weeks of its releases a number of apps with similar characteristics were doing their rounds in the app store.

3. iTunes

Just like Google Play, iTunes is the place to download apps for Apple devices. From iTunes you can browse through millions of apps. All these apps are properly categorized and are properly scrutinized by authorities at Apple before being placed in the iTune store. Hence in iTunes you can get to know about some authentic and quality ideas. You can even mix together ideas from different apps to create a distinct app of your own which flaunts great mix of appeal and utility.

4. Ideas watch:

This website is dedicated for entrepreneurs who want to shape their own start ups after gathering inspiration and feedback from the crowd. At Ideas Watch, you can learn and read about various app ideas that led to successful establishment of some of the finest start ups. You can read through thousands of these ideas posted by the crowd and yourself can judge the one which is potent and feasible enough to be implemented in your app.

5. NewAppIdea:

NewAppIdea is a great platform that provides developers handsome income as well as let willing developers to implement new ideas brought forward by their client. When a client comes up with a new idea, he can post his idea on NewAppIdea and registered developers can bid on the project. Thus by being part of their community you can come across some amazing fresh app ideas that would be doing their rounds in the market shortly.

6. Movies or novel:

Movies and novels are considered as one of the best source of inspiration for apps, especially games. They provide readers a new outlook to a situation and also makes them aware of the perfect way to evade a problem. Watching movies brings you face to face with a real life or hypothetical situation and can even result in inspiring you to create some amazing apps, that were part of a fictitious storyline in the movie. For example- A mobile app to detect intrusion in your house while you are out was showcased in “Knight & Day”.

7. Real life scenario

Real life scenarios are by far the best and original source to gather ideas for your app. A popular bill & expenses splitting app was created by a bunch of college students, while they faced problem with splitting up their daily expenses with their roommates. Real life scenarios brings into limelight our needs as a user and also lets you evaluate the possibility of shaping an idea to solve the need.

8. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd sourcing program where people post their ideas and also the expected cost required to shape it into reality. Though kickstarter campaign focuses on hardware, you can also find some cool app ideas there. You can gain reference and knowledge from these ideas and use your developer’s perspective to judge it’s implication and approach.

9. Youtube

Youtube not only home to viral videos from all over the globe, but also hosts some great motivational and useful app ideas which are still at the prototype stage. You can refer these videos, use your own imagination and technique to create and reshape it and come up with a idea on your own.

10. QA forum

Question answer forums might not seem to be the right place to search for ideas, but they do provide you with pretty cool insight about how an idea should be and how to create one. Quora is by far the best forum which holds some of the best and authentic data about app ideas and valuable feedback from people around the globe. Such feedbacks can be used to trace the requirement of the people and shaped into an idea, which can be finally handed down to them in the form of an app.

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