10 Questions to Ask When You are Hiring an App Developer

If you want your app to go viral and make you money, the most important thing you can do early on is hire the right development team to design it. With so many companies to choose from, this can be a daunting task. To find the right team, consider these 10 questions to ask when you are hiring an app developer.

1. Can I See Some Working Samples?
Always ask the developer to see some apps they have developed that are currently available for sale. This way you get to see exactly the quality of the work they produce.

2. Can I Get It in Writing?
Never take the word of a developer when it comes to price or terms. Always request everything in writing before work begins.

3. Will I Be Updated During the Process?
The key to keeping the project on schedule and on par with your goals is to check progress during several key intervals of the development process.

4. Are Changes Going to Cost Money?
Inquire before development how much it will cost during design to make small modifications. If the project needs to go a new direction, you don’t want to be hit with huge charges for the changes.

5. Is My Input Welcome?
Ask the app developer if you will be consulted during the design to ensure the project is completed in line with the instructions you prepared. Input from you can streamline the process and eliminate any doubts for the team.

6. Is the Work Guaranteed?
Once the app has been delivered, is the work guaranteed against any bugs or issues that may arise.

7. Can You Develop Apps Across Multiple Platforms?
Be sure to inquire if our app can be developed for a wide variety of mobile applications, don’t settle for just one.

8. How Long is My App Guaranteed?
After the app is developed, inquire about how long is it protected against defects or bugs.

9. What are the Payment Terms?
Don’t assume the balance is due once the app is completely finished, an app developer may prefer small payments periodically throughout the development process.

10. What If I Am Not Satisfied?
Does the application development come with a satisfaction guarantee in case it does not meet your expectations. You should not have to pay for inferior or sub-par work.

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