10 Tips to Make Your App Go Viral


Getting some initial buzz about your app can be a challenge if you are not willing to put in some extra effort. Just because you uploaded the app the the app store does not mean it will become an overnight sensation. Consider some of these 10 tips to make your app go viral and help with the app promotion.

1. Power of Facebook
Create a page for the app on Facebook and get to work spreading the word. This is where you can communicate with users and get them to share your links for you.

2. Tweet Your Messages
Create a new Twitter name around your app, then get to liking app developers first. Once you find a few app developers, start liking their followers, then began blasting your message to your audience.

3. Create a Blog
A blog is a great way to speed up the app promotion process. The best part is you can link your social profiles so those messages blast on auto-pilot.

4. Update the App
Each time you tweak the app, announce to all your followers the app is improved. The search engines will pick up your messages each time you do.

5. Grow a Mailing List
Use your website, blog, or social profiles to start growing a mailing list. Blast these followers each time you update the app to create new buzz.

6. Give It Away
One of the best ways to make your app go viral is to give it away to people in exchange for testimonials. Each new review creates new buzz.

7. Post in Forums
Find relative forums and post helpful tips and tricks. Use the signature box to link directly to your app.

8. Create a Press Release
Nothing looks more legitimate than a press release. If you are not familiar with the layout, pay a writer at Fiverr to do it for $5.

9. Hire Promotional Help
There are many websites like Fiverr or Tenrr where for a small amount of money, app developers will blast your url to hundreds of thousands of eager buyers for you. This is a great way to spread interest in your app overnight.

10. Give Something Away for Free
Everyone loves getting something for free. To help with your app promotion, create a landing page where you give away a free report, free video, or free PDF, in exchange for downloading the app. Be sure to put some value in the free gift to get the most interaction.

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