10 Yoga Apps To Relieve Stress

Millions of people at all fitness levels enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of yoga: increased strength and flexibility, improved circulation, improved energy, and reduced stress. This ancient practice takes a leap into the modern age with apps that travel wherever you go. Here are some great choices to get you started.

Universal Breathing – Pranayama
By Saagara, $4.99
Pranayama is the control of life energy through breathing. Proper breathing is essential to a healthy life and reduced stress. After all, how many times have you heard–or been told–”Calm down, take a few breaths?” This app will help you focus and control your breathing with simple routines that will benefit newcomers and experienced yoga practitioners alike.

Simply Yoga FREE – Personal Trainer For Quick Yoga Workouts
By Daily Workout Apps, LLC, free
This is one of the most popular yoga apps in the App Store because it’s simple and free. There are no bells and whistles; you get one routine in this free version, but it works the entire body.

Pocket Yoga HD
By Rainfrog, LLC, free
This app uses an illustrated model rather than a live one, but the poses are depicted perfectly and the routines flow into one another, with resting poses put in where they’re needed.

By Breitschmid Productions, free
You get full videos of the sequence and the model demonstrates proper technique. There are only 8 lessons with no options to customize the routines, but this may be the best app for beginners.

Yoga Coach
By everTHINK, Inc., $1.99
This is another good app for beginners, with emphasis on correct breathing and excellent video clips of the poses done perfectly. A helpful voiceover gives you tips on how to achieve the correct pose.

5 Minute Yoga
By Olson Applications Limited, free
You’re running late in the morning? If you have 5 minutes to spare you can de-stress and stretch with this app, which provides 350 sessions all designed to be done in 5 minutes or less.

Salute The Desk
By Fiona Patterson, $3.99
Are you desk-bound at your job? The next time you feel your shoulders and back tense up, stretch it all out with this app. It offers 27 poses and meditations that are meant to be performed at your office desk, along with a nifty progress tracker that allows you to see what you’ve accomplished over time.

Yoga Studio
By Modern Lotus, $3.99
“Customize” is the keyword here; this app provides 65 classes ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, presented in HD video, but the big selling point is that this app allows you to create your own video classes with customized music and ambient sounds.

Yoga.Com Studio
By Plus Sports, free on Android/$3.99 on iOS
This app provides a wide selection of routines and poses to fit every skill level. Users can add their own custom content and take part in the app’s social community.

Daily Yoga
By DailyYoga.com, free
The free version gives you more than 50 classes, over 400 workout poses, 7 plans for beginners, along with background music and HD video. The routines offer a variety of intensity and duration. Everything you need to get started is here!

With any of these apps to help you, lowered stress and a healthy life are only a few taps away!

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