Apps and Why They Are so Popular

Introduction about mobile apps

Everywhere you go, you will typically see a person using his or her cellphone to check the latest weather forecast, communicate with others, or even use it to play games. Besides all of that, the in thing now that is currently trending nowadays are mobile or computer apps.

An app (short for application), is a software program that can be run from either a computer or mobile device. Apps generally don’t work on old-modern cellphones so if you ever want to download an app, you would have to use a computer or purchase either an Iphone or Smartphone to do so.

Since people are sticking to the latest form of technology, the need for apps are in high demand. Also, because we live in such a fast-paced world, we normally rely on speed for almost every single thing we do.

Why are mobile apps so popular?

First of all, mobile apps makes life so much easier. These easy to use apps help people, especially employees accomplish tasks in an orderly and timely fashion. You are able to transfer money, check your banking or even communicate with your boss with a simple push of a button or two.

Secondly the applications are very affordable. The majority of apps are free and they only take up just a little bit of data space on your phone. Third, there is the technology concept that was mentioned above. More apps are being introduced today all due to the increase in advancement features.

Next, apps provide users with efficient speed. According to, it states that “In the age of internet, the smartphones have brought in browsing on the move and the apps have gone one step further with instant access.” Also, in this speedy world that we live in, people are not patient for anything. Therefore, faster mobile apps are generally preferred and used by everybody, including businesses.

Apps also are very functional in nature. In fact, they are developed in order to meet users needs. For instance, the use of calculators, weather apps and text messaging come in handy for those who use these tools often. There are also other types of apps that people use and they include:

  • GPS for travel
  • News
  • Sports
  • Cartwheel
  • Shopping

Finally, mobile apps make an excellent source of revenue, especially for business owners. The majority of clients typically notice ads more easily on apps than on fliers or on billboards. By the constant creation of these popular apps, businesses are taking advantage of them by making extra revenue.

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