Calling All App Developers: Six Twitter Accounts You NEED to Follow. Asap.

The app development industry can be a tricky business – especially if you don’t have any mentors. Want some good, sound advice? Cool. Here are six Twitter feeds every person developing an app should follow.

1.) Google Apps Dev: @GoogleAppsDev
You had to know this was going to be the first one. It’s GOOGLE. With 306 thousand followers, Google has to stay on top of their game – and they do. Google Apps Development tweets videos of meetings with expert app developers giving tips and tricks on the industry. And who better to learn from than the mother of all search engines?!

2.) Amazon App Developer: @AmazonAppDev
Amazon App Developer tweets out tips for advertising, marketing, and monetization in order to successfully reach your target audience in the most effective manner. For example, they say the best time to run a sale is when balances are low and that content cadence is very critical in this case. Amazon will even advertise your app for you! For more info, hit up their twitter page.

3.) Windows Platform Developer: @wpdev
Windows Platform Developer tweets out informative things like tutorials and code samples for your apps, tips on how to create ad revenue on your apps, and the latest technologies to help aid your app creation process. Did you know you can get your app to talk back to you? Windows helps you learn how to add Cortana to your UWP app!

4.) Microsoft Developer: @msdev
Microsoft Developer goes as far as to tweet out research and case studies to help you compare your notes to what’s going on our there in the techie world. Most recently, Microsoft tweeted out a free eBook for app developers called “Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms. Microsoft also tweeted all of the best #WebDev sessions from #Build2015, Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference. There’s some great stuff in there!

5.) Boost New Media: @boostnewmedia
Boost has its headquarters operating out of New Zealand. Boost is the latest recipient of the WorldBlu workplace award for developing an innovative workplace culture. The cool thing about Boost’s Twitter is that it offers free workshops to app developers- each with different themes. Most recently, Boost held free workshops for Agile Planning and Kicking of your Project with Confidence. So if you happen to be a developer in New Zealand, sign up for the next one! Not in New Zealand. That’s okay. Boost tweets out articles about some of the topics they cover.

6.) Bottle Rocket: @_BottleRocket
Based out of Dallas, Texas, Bottle Rocket tweets out helpful tricks like custom streaming video solutions with native apps tailored to your brand, how your business can benefit from using #VR, and how to leverage your mobile app for brand loyalty.

So there you have it. Follow these tech savvy Twitter accounts all the way to stardom.

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