Case Study: Marketing an App

Individuals who want to know if apps can really make money can look at case studies of real companies to notice that apps can make money for particular organizations and so many apps are the new way to make money. Of course apps are easily available to companies because they are easy to make,easy to create, and can be recreated indefinetly when they are re skinned and re developed. These are just some of the great things about apps and why they are such a powerful part of a companies growth. An app can help a company that needs to gather users like OMGPOP case study down below.

Apps are one of the ways you can get things that are needed by business, When you are looking for apps that will benefit business they are. It is one of the things you need as a company.

Zynga agreed to buy OMGPOP, the maker of massive Pictionary-like hit Draw Something,The company was sold to Zynga for a whopping 210 million dollars. The a little over a month ago, the title just took off amazingly, and received nearly 35 million downloads and 1 billion new drawings. This new app allowed the number of users to soar and made it very useful to a company like Zynga. This is just one of the way that an app can help the bottom line. Users can easily access apps on Android and can make a company worth much more than they anticipated. Some of the reasons that this company had such a big hit with the app is that it was readily accessible. One of the reasons why OMGPOP has a big score with this app is that it has multiple colors and drawings that appeal to users. These are some of the form loaded styles that make them money.

A well known company Drawssomething used one of it’s popular apps that had a lot of play online and as mentioned, recently sold the app to Zynga for 210 million dollars. This was one of the great cues and can show what an app can do for for a company. It is one of the powerful things that you can use and take advantage of when you are looking for the quality apps you need. Looking at how this whole app is designed may give users an idea how it is monetized and why users pay so much for this quality item. Some of the reasons that it appeals to so many appears to be its crowning achievement, and one that has brought app making ti a whole new level.

Draw Something is a product that obviously captured the minds of individuals and some of the reason it continued to be popular is because it invented itself time and otime again. The acquisition of the company showed over and over again what an app can do for users and how users can really benefit from adding it to its collection. Apps are no doubt the wave of the future and will continue to make money for companies.

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