Chrome Apps & Extensions for App Developer

Developing and using Apps requires a lot of time on the browser. If you are using Chrome, then it is important that you look at the following Chrome Apps and Extensions for App Developers.
10. Firebug Lite
These is an imperative extension for app developers. These is because it gives you the power to carry out a complete analysis of the performance of your network and the activities being carried out. You also get the chance to edit, debug and control HTML, CSS and JavaScript on any Chrome app. These extensions work hand in hand with the various Chrome Developer Tools.
9. App Developer
App Developer has quite a number of fantastic features. You can analyze web pages and the various layouts available for developing an App. You can also test your code, and this makes editing much more easily. Other invaluable tools include the power to portray hidden elements. You can also populate forms. You are also able to control the cache on a browser, and you can modify and change style sheets.
8. Session Manager
When using a Chrome App, managing your browser tabs is quite remarkable. You as an App Developer have to have the right skills to do so. However, this has been made easier by Session Manager. It can save your history and sessions, and you will be able to go back there later. It is paramount if you are a type of person who opens the same web pages many times.
7. Clear Cache
These might seem like a very simple extension, but it is crucial. These is because it enables you to clear cache. The recent versions have been made in such a way that it does this automatically and without producing a sound. No irritating popup will appear on the screen. You can customize it according to the size of app cache you would like to clear. It is usually available in the Options settings.
6. Chrome Sniffer
These is a Chrome extension that gives a listing of JavaScript libraries and CMS frameworks used by a website. This App can be able to notice over 100 popular CMS and libraries containing JavaScript. An icon appears in the address bar as soon as you install Chrome Sniffer.
5. JSONView
These is a Chrome extension that makes is easier to view JSON documents in the browser. It enables you read them in a tree view, and they are usually well formatted. It gives the documents in the browser in an XML documents, and this is much easier to read. The text is formatted and highlighted in a manner that enables you to collapse quickly or expand the objects.
4. Resolution Text
Resolution test helps in the processing testing the way your App looks under many resolutions. These makes the work of App developers much easier because it is very straightforward. You can be able to alter the size of the window to observe the App in different resolutions. You just have to choose a particular resolution, and it will do the rest.
3. Edit This Cookie
These is a Chrome extension that makes the process of managing cookies on Chrome quite easy. This extension is very clean and systematic in its processes. It gives you the ability to edit, add, delete, search and protect cookies. You can know the value of your immediate cookies. You also get details of the properties affiliated to the cookie.
2. Page Speed Insights
These is an application that can give you details of a page within a very short time. It provides information about the resources, DOM, networks, and timeline. It also comes up with ways in which you can make them faster, and you just have to select one that suits you. This extension works efficiently with the set App Developer Tools to give you the best results.
1. Postman
These is a fantastic HTTP client that will benefit you as an App Developer. These is especially if you are developing a REST app. These is because it has a marvelous interface that tests REST web services. It can alter the variables in an environment.

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