Finding the Current and Future Trends in App Development

The future and present situation regarding app development in the technology sector relies on what the consumer wants and what businesses will pay for. As it stands so far, the trends in app development lean towards making apps mobile compatible. In fact most trends in app development are geared towards mobile development. With that being said, the market which is being target is the Android operating system. This is to accomplish the goal of the forecast of a future trend, which is to out iOS.

The future is determined by events that occur in the present. Currently, if you follow the market on app development, you will find that convenience, user experience, location and growth all play in part in setting trends. These trends include:

  • If an app supports cloud environments or applications
  • The security of an app form hackers
  • Use of banking and mobile payment features
  • Areas surrounding app marketing
  • Is the app compatible with wearable devices

This is just a small list of the direction that these trends in development and technology are heading. The developers look at the how the apps apply in the current and future markets. The features, benefits and compatibility are important, such as knowing that Android will be the preferred market over iOS in the coming future. Each year the number of smartphone users rises tremendously. With this knowledge, Developers need to stay ahead of the game. This means rolling out apps that will offer convenience and the ability to perform multiple functions on the mobile sector.

Cloud-based apps are topping the charts, right behind rapid launching of apps and development. In a cloud world, users are able to access, utilize and build upon the functions and features that cloud offers, across multiple devices. Accessing multiple devices means added security risk, which means app developers will need to spend a great chunk of their time focusing on app security and the development of it, which research shows that there are gaps in the mobile aspect of app security.

Staying up to date with what’s trending is an ongoing process. Society is driven bigger and better things. Therefore in the world of technology this means staying ahead of the game. The one thing that current and future trends in app development have in common is the fact that these apps are created, designed and developed to increase revenue, advertising or marketability. The way to increase these factors is to find out what the consumer wants, needs and uses. Using data and app analytics allows the developer to answer these questions.

Whats hot
Internet of Things- knowing the software, the products and being familiar with mobile platforms. With IoT, everything is geared towards smart technology. Whether it is using device to device communication, wireless communication or connecting two platforms. Wearable tech is another hot item, this is anything from smart watches to smart rings. Developing apps that have the ability to be accessed through wearable technology is being forecast as a future hot trend.

Looking towards the future
Consumers are looking for display and images combined with convenience. Using one-click to pay bills or order products and services, is available through Apple Pay and Google Wallet, while creating a simple interactive platform using parallax scrolling. These two apps are headed for a strong future. Smart retail, homes and offices will increasingly grow. This is based on what the popular trends foresee, with IoT, enterprise apps, location focused WiFi connections, the future holds a smart world. Everything will be based on rapid marketing strategies, syncing mobile phones with smart based features in the home or office and retail locators.

The trends of the future are based on the failures of the past and present. Taking an app and revamping the bugs using other apps and tools. The way to foresee this is through research, data, marketing and experimenting.

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