How To Validate Your Million $ App Idea in 3 Simple Steps

Think you’ve got a million dollar app idea? That’s great! But having the idea isn’t enough. If you want the app to succeed, you’ll need to invest some time in researching your target market and validate its viability. After all, that app idea can’t turn into millions if there is no audience for it.

Identify Your Niche
First, determine what niche your app serves. This is the audience that your app is designed for. Knowing your niche is really going to help develop your app. Find out what people are looking for within that specific group. What are the problems they are facing? How does your app help solve them? Running a small ad campaign will help answer these questions and show you the level of interest in your app.

Identify Trends
What’s hot right now? If you don’t know, then you need to find out. Stay current with App Charts to see what apps are trending. This is the second step in validating your million dollar app idea. Search engines are going to be a great resource here. Keyword tools will give you valuable insight into the types of apps that are popular. Check for the top searches and research topics that people are interested in. Does your app align with these trends? If so, then you are on the right track.

Identify Demand
Now that you’ve found your niche and you know what the masses are looking for, verify the demand for your app idea. See how other apps in your market are performing. Are they getting a lot of downloads? If they are, it’s a good sign that you’ve got a great app idea. There are several app tracking services that will be useful here. Use them to see what is being downloaded across several app platforms.

Make sure to research the competition too. Browse the comments and reviews of other apps in your market to see what users are saying. Look at the good and the bad. Then figure out how your app idea improves upon what is currently available. Use that information to market your app and position it as the best app to have.

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