The mobile app industry is taking a very firm grounding in the market. For the mobile apps, there is no sliding back anytime soon as its trajectory seems to be one way. The availability of cheap smartphones is the major reason for their popularity, not mentioning the fact that they are user-friendly. The mobile apps are hugely popular for a number of factors:
(a) Availability of smartphones
The availability of cheap smartphones has made it possible for very many people to purchase mobile phones and install mobile apps that they need.
(b) They are more personalized
Mobile apps are seem more personalized to users than the applications that can only be used in computers.
© User-friendliness
The mobile applications are, arguably, the easiest to use. It does not take a lot of learning to know how to operate them. In fact, once a user knows how to use the phone, they have as well known how to use the apps.
(d) The video intro of app store
A lot of mobile apps are given an eye-appealing video introduction that people find irresistible. This is one of the things that has propelled the demand for mobile apps.
(e) The online payments
The world has become such a small place that buying of goods from all the corners of the world is just a phone app away. There are various online payment services whose apps are installed and used in mobile phones. Many buyers and sellers find them convenient and therefore hold on to their mobile apps.
(f) The future promise
The mobile apps has penetrated deep into the unknown villages where the locals use them to change their lives and way of doing things. The apps also dominate the world marketing. Yet, this is not even half the potential of the mobile apps. The potential is limitless and the opportunities are still open.
(g) App advertising
Even advertisers have realized the power of mobile apps and started advertising through them. The advantages of using mobile app advertising are numerous. The adverts reach billions of mobile app users and are more personalized than the ones seen on mainstream media.
(h) Security
The greatest fear amongst the mobile app developers and the users is the danger of hacking and stealing sensitive information from the user. This is a challenge that mobile app developers should work on to secure the privacy of their customers.

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