10 Questions to Ask When You are Hiring an App Developer

If you want your app to go viral and make you money, the most important thing you can do early on is hire the right development team to design it. With so many companies to choose from, this can be a daunting task. To find the right team, consider these 10 questions to ask when you are hiring an app developer.

1. Can I See Some Working Samples?
Always ask the developer to see some apps they have developed that are currently available for sale. This way you get to see exactly the quality of the work they produce.

2. Can I Get It in Writing?
Never take the word of a developer when it comes to price or terms. Always request everything in writing before work begins.

3. Will I Be Updated During the Process?
The key to keeping the project on schedule and on par with your goals is to check progress during several key intervals of the development process.

4. Are Changes Going to Cost Money?
Inquire before development how much it will cost during design to make small modifications. If the project needs to go a new direction, you don’t want to be hit with huge charges for the changes.

5. Is My Input Welcome?
Ask the app developer if you will be consulted during the design to ensure the project is completed in line with the instructions you prepared. Input from you can streamline the process and eliminate any doubts for the team.

6. Is the Work Guaranteed?
Once the app has been delivered, is the work guaranteed against any bugs or issues that may arise.

7. Can You Develop Apps Across Multiple Platforms?
Be sure to inquire if our app can be developed for a wide variety of mobile applications, don’t settle for just one.

8. How Long is My App Guaranteed?
After the app is developed, inquire about how long is it protected against defects or bugs.

9. What are the Payment Terms?
Don’t assume the balance is due once the app is completely finished, an app developer may prefer small payments periodically throughout the development process.

10. What If I Am Not Satisfied?
Does the application development come with a satisfaction guarantee in case it does not meet your expectations. You should not have to pay for inferior or sub-par work.

10 Tips to Make Your App Go Viral

Getting some initial buzz about your app can be a challenge if you are not willing to put in some extra effort. Just because you uploaded the app the the app store does not mean it will become an overnight sensation. Consider some of these 10 tips to make your app go viral and help with the app promotion.

1. Power of Facebook
Create a page for the app on Facebook and get to work spreading the word. This is where you can communicate with users and get them to share your links for you.

2. Tweet Your Messages
Create a new Twitter name around your app, then get to liking app developers first. Once you find a few app developers, start liking their followers, then began blasting your message to your audience.

3. Create a Blog
A blog is a great way to speed up the app promotion process. The best part is you can link your social profiles so those messages blast on auto-pilot.

4. Update the App
Each time you tweak the app, announce to all your followers the app is improved. The search engines will pick up your messages each time you do.

5. Grow a Mailing List
Use your website, blog, or social profiles to start growing a mailing list. Blast these followers each time you update the app to create new buzz.

6. Give It Away
One of the best ways to make your app go viral is to give it away to people in exchange for testimonials. Each new review creates new buzz.

7. Post in Forums
Find relative forums and post helpful tips and tricks. Use the signature box to link directly to your app.

8. Create a Press Release
Nothing looks more legitimate than a press release. If you are not familiar with the layout, pay a writer at Fiverr to do it for $5.

9. Hire Promotional Help
There are many websites like Fiverr or Tenrr where for a small amount of money, app developers will blast your url to hundreds of thousands of eager buyers for you. This is a great way to spread interest in your app overnight.

10. Give Something Away for Free
Everyone loves getting something for free. To help with your app promotion, create a landing page where you give away a free report, free video, or free PDF, in exchange for downloading the app. Be sure to put some value in the free gift to get the most interaction.


10 things they never tell you while making an app

Apps are a work of art. It’s perfect combination of ingenuity, perfection and elegance. Almost every 2 billion worldwide smart phone owner use one or the other app every day. Generally these apps simplify our lives one way or the other, and that is why we rely on them so much.

Apart from the general utility perspective, apps hold limitless potential that can help a developer earn a ton of money, and that is the very reason why there is so much buzz about different apps. To create an app you need to have basic understanding of app or software development and have good programming ability. So if you are an exceptional software programmer does that mean that your app is going to be successful? The answer is NO. Apart from a software development skillset you require a lot of knowledge to turn an app that is popular & is well received by the masses. In this post we would be talking about 10 things other than programming skills that they never tell you while making an app. So here it goes.

1. Smart work triumphs over hard work

If you spend long tedious hours sculpting your app and making it as attractive as possible, it doesn’t mean that all you efforts would get directly reciprocated into success. In spite of your best efforts, you might spend more time creating your app than is required. And it might also happen that by the time you launch it on the app store, someone else might have already published a similar app that might take away your well-deserved audience. So the trick is to indulge is smart work. You can use pre-developed templates and design elements that are already available and aren’t copyright protected in your app. This would save you a lot of time and you don’t have to create each and every element from scratch.

2. Content is the key

Content in terms of your app description and summary is the key that determines how popular your app is going to be. When you upload your app on the app store, you need to provide apt description that best suits your app. You also need to provide potent keywords, that would make your app easily discoverable. For example, if your app is a chat application, keywords like “chat”, ”mobile” & “messaging” would be the most relevant keywords. To further enhance the reach of your app you should also incorporate long tail keywords. But beware, you should never do keyword stuffing, or use negative/ irrelevant keywords, as it may even ban your app from the store.

4. Polish your skills with time

Practice makes a man perfect. So if it’s your first attempt to launch you app on the app store, it is highly probable that you might not get the response you were expecting. That doesn’t mean you should stop trying. You should strive for excellence and improve your skills by creating more and more apps. By your failures you would be able to track the shortcoming of your app and improve them in your next app. It is often noticed that developers find the right response after they have published 3 or more apps on the store.

5. Learn from your competitors

You can learn a lot from your competitors on the app store and also from other apps present. You should specially look out for trending and popular apps that are currently doing the rounds on the app store. By evaluating these popular apps, you can find out the measures and features they have incorporated in their app that made them so popular among the masses. Also following and checking the progress of your competitors inspires you to improve yourself and push your boundaries.

6.  Looks do matter

“Never judge a book by its cover”, this thumb rule never applies to apps. Visual appeal, aesthetics & performance are the basic parameters that are solely responsible for stricken the right chords with your audience. So you need to make sure that you app is attractive, clean and easy to use. This rule should be implemented at every levels of your app, be it the app logo or an alert message that appears on it, you need to improvise and make them look cool, clean and as savvy as possible. Also while describing your app on the store, make sure you flaunt your app’s attractive designs by attaching noteworthy screenshots.

7. Be the new kid in the block

As earlier stated programming skill is preferred for creating your own app, but its not always mandatory. There are a number of websites the likes of NewAppIdea, where you can simply post your idea and get your apps created as you desire from their dedicated developer base. So idea is the major aspect that counts while creating an app. You should think of an idea that would ease day to day operation, be appealing & recreational and also find a large user community. So your app idea or theme should be out of the box. Take for example Tinder, a dating app that connects like-minded people present within their network. Also, S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven), an app that records the altitude your mobile attains while you throw it upwards.

8.  Stand out from the crowd

You should think of ways that make your app stand out from the rest and implement unorthodox yet appealing strategies. For example, you should provide a catchy name to your app that people can relate to and also style your app logo in such a way that it stands out from other installed apps and widgets. According to a recent study, app logos that contained optical illusions and had a 3-dimensional look to it were accessed more often than other similar counterparts. You can also provide support to a spectrum of different devices across different Operating Systems to further increase you app’s reach.

9.Feedbacks matter

Once your app is visible on the app store, people would start downloading it and after first hand use, whatever might be their experience, they would probably write a feedback or simply leave a comment. Generally these feedbacks would rate your app up or down. So you should go through the feedbacks carefully and know what worked and what didn’t. In this way you would be able to judge user expectation and their demands. You should always take these feedbacks, especially the negative ones sportingly and make sure to address them whenever possible.

10. Revisions and updates

Revisions and updates are part of the life cycle of every app. As demand, requirements and expectations change, you should update your app and incorporate changes to make it at par with your competitors. This extends a positive vibe towards your audience and ensures that you would take care of their queries and grievances and resolve any app related problems. Also with occasional updates your app gets steady flow of traffic and never settles in a static state.

These are some of the important guidelines that needs to be followed to make your app successful in the app store. There are a number of other guidelines that are adhered to by big app development firms, but if the above approaches are followed with prejudice, your app would surely do just fine.


10 places where an app developers can get ideas for an app

Applications have made our life a lot simpler. A decade ago, we were not even aware of the possible effect a simple app might have in our lives, and now we can’t live without it. Such is the power of apps that on an average people around the globe spend at-least 15 minutes using one or the other apps.

There are a variety of apps available on a spectrum of platforms. From the basic desktop version to the more handy and agile mobile version, apps influence and easy our day to day lives. Mobile gaming apps provides us an escape from boredom during daily commute and to evade monotonacity, while the more useful shopping and e-commerce apps saves us a lot of time by letting us shop on the go and also lets us chose and compare different products from a spectrum of vendors.
Thus considering it’s limitless utilities and potential, for app developers creating apps has become a lucrative and promising career option. But the most important factor required before a developer starts sculpting the app is the basic idea that drives it.

The idea, it’s utility and the motivation revolving it solely decides how popular or essential the app might prove to be for the general public. So to seek such idea, the developer can consult some specialists, but it would increase the cost immensely.

Hence the best location to search for an app idea can be the internet as well as by unearthing and evaluating the needs of users from around the globe. Thus taking all these in consideration the top ten places to seek ideas for a great app are as follows:

1. Blogs and Forums:

You would be surprised to see the various ideas that you can find in different blogging sites and forums. These ideas are often described in layman’s language and clearly portrays how helpful and effective an idea can be. Forums like hubpages, blogspot & mashape are great sources of such ideas. As a app developer all you need to do is find it’s practical implication and how to present it in the form of an app.

2. Play store:

Google play store is the Mecca for Android apps. You can find thousands of apps from different categories in both paid and free versions. You can go through their descriptions and find out the theme behind them. Also you can download, install them and use them personally to find out how a specific app functions. Once you have found out a app that you like and know that you can create a similar app with much more panache and implications, you can start working on it. Anyone with an account can upload their apps in the app store, hence some of these apps in-spite of having a great motive lacks the professional look and feel & performance. So you can utilize your expertise and extract ideas from the already existing apps to create an elegant and useful app that strikes the right chords. For example, when the immensely popular Flappy bird was launched within weeks of its releases a number of apps with similar characteristics were doing their rounds in the app store.

3. iTunes

Just like Google Play, iTunes is the place to download apps for Apple devices. From iTunes you can browse through millions of apps. All these apps are properly categorized and are properly scrutinized by authorities at Apple before being placed in the iTune store. Hence in iTunes you can get to know about some authentic and quality ideas. You can even mix together ideas from different apps to create a distinct app of your own which flaunts great mix of appeal and utility.

4. Ideas watch:

This website is dedicated for entrepreneurs who want to shape their own start ups after gathering inspiration and feedback from the crowd. At Ideas Watch, you can learn and read about various app ideas that led to successful establishment of some of the finest start ups. You can read through thousands of these ideas posted by the crowd and yourself can judge the one which is potent and feasible enough to be implemented in your app.

5. NewAppIdea:

NewAppIdea is a great platform that provides developers handsome income as well as let willing developers to implement new ideas brought forward by their client. When a client comes up with a new idea, he can post his idea on NewAppIdea and registered developers can bid on the project. Thus by being part of their community you can come across some amazing fresh app ideas that would be doing their rounds in the market shortly.

6. Movies or novel:

Movies and novels are considered as one of the best source of inspiration for apps, especially games. They provide readers a new outlook to a situation and also makes them aware of the perfect way to evade a problem. Watching movies brings you face to face with a real life or hypothetical situation and can even result in inspiring you to create some amazing apps, that were part of a fictitious storyline in the movie. For example- A mobile app to detect intrusion in your house while you are out was showcased in “Knight & Day”.

7. Real life scenario

Real life scenarios are by far the best and original source to gather ideas for your app. A popular bill & expenses splitting app was created by a bunch of college students, while they faced problem with splitting up their daily expenses with their roommates. Real life scenarios brings into limelight our needs as a user and also lets you evaluate the possibility of shaping an idea to solve the need.

8. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd sourcing program where people post their ideas and also the expected cost required to shape it into reality. Though kickstarter campaign focuses on hardware, you can also find some cool app ideas there. You can gain reference and knowledge from these ideas and use your developer’s perspective to judge it’s implication and approach.

9. Youtube

Youtube not only home to viral videos from all over the globe, but also hosts some great motivational and useful app ideas which are still at the prototype stage. You can refer these videos, use your own imagination and technique to create and reshape it and come up with a idea on your own.

10. QA forum

Question answer forums might not seem to be the right place to search for ideas, but they do provide you with pretty cool insight about how an idea should be and how to create one. Quora is by far the best forum which holds some of the best and authentic data about app ideas and valuable feedback from people around the globe. Such feedbacks can be used to trace the requirement of the people and shaped into an idea, which can be finally handed down to them in the form of an app.

App Development The Fastest Growing Industry


The world is getting closer with every passing day. With a single touch, you are aware of what is happening around the globe. The news and entertainment now travels with you whether you are driving, walking, sitting in a lounge sipping a drink or are enjoying the peace at the tip of Himalayas. The technology has moved heaps and bounds and is still on the go. Keeping up with this pace is a must to beat the bottlenecks and survive the challenges.

New apps for the market

With the rising tablets and smart phones, the number of apps being developed for them is remarkable. The mobile app industry is on a roll today. About 63% of the apps used daily now differ from those used daily a year ago. It has gained maturity in some respects being $35 billion (approximately) industry. Application development trends continue to move toward a world in which people play now and pay later.

Future Of Apps Industry

Mobile app development services will give rise to thousands of new job opportunities in the coming years bringing in a revolution in the world of digital arena. It is not a matter to wonder nowadays to see a tiny tot using a notepad or enjoying his poems on an iPad. Knowing that 86% of the people are now equipped with a mobile and 1 in every 5 people in the world owning a smart phone, the application development trends are doing a huge success.

New Ideas for App Development

The app development services will be indulging in creating of an assortment of apps and designs that will meet the escalating demand from the masses 10 years down the line. Converting any form of business idea into a mobile application has become a rising craze. Be it the entertainment industry, gaming, social awareness, politics, sports or fashion, the respective app keeps you abreast of the latest hearsay.

With the utmost possibility of 90% population having a mobile phone or a smart phone by next year, the app industry is on its way to a path filled with challenges but definitely a glorious one!

How to create a stunning profile on freelance job sites

Freelance jobs are getting more and more popular by the day. They help in making that extra money which helps you in various ways. Plus, with the vast options that they provide, you can do whatever you want that makes you happy. Many people treat these jobs as a hobby, to extra money or like a complete home – job.

To help you get these jobs, you have to create a killer profiles which helps you attract potential job providers. You should also understand that you are responsible to do all the needed advertisement manually. Your profile would need following information:

1. Give yourself a nick name:

You will be required to submit a proper identification. With this ID, you will be known-by on the freelancing website. Hence, decide the best possible nick name for your freelance profile by which you want to be known.

2. Manage your skills properly:

On this freelance profile, make sure that you give your proper and most efficient skill set. This will make job hunting easy for you and will also help related job providers to seek you out faster.

Try and elaborate on your SWOT making it easier to enhance your freelance profile. Be clear on what you want to do and don’t want to do and what you can and cannot do as well. This will further help the seekers.

3. Pass the skill test:

Many freelancing sites ask you to pass some skills tests. For example, you might be asked to pass the English test, readiness test, test related to technology (as per your job specification) and so on. Try and secure really good marks as it will benefit you further.

4. Previous work:

Choose at least three published examples of work done previously that you are proud of and that characterize the types of freelance work you do or are most likely to do.

5. Decide your hourly rate:

You should decide what should be your rate. You might charge like $10 (approx. Rs 62) per hour or you can even charge $100(approx. Rs 6200) per hour. It all depends on your quality and you will have to charge accordingly. Once you gain enough experience, you can increase the rate as well. Before you decide on finalising your rate, do some research on how these freelance sites and jobs work?

6. Decide for how many weekly hours you will be available:

You are also required to decide how many hours you will be available in a week. You will get the job accordingly. Make sure that you complete your given target in the time period that you have set for your freelance job.

Tips for a freelance developer – how to ensure your customer is happy and keeps coming back for more

freelancing tipsFreelance developers are witnessing a glorious time. The mobile app market is growing at a furious pace creating tremendous opportunities, both for developers and for those with the big ideas. In this scenario it is possible that freelance developers forget the basics of fruitfully engaging their clients and keeping them happy. Here are a few ways in which freelancers can handle projects effectively and efficiently.

Managing expectations

This is perhaps the most important aspect of any freelance assignment. Clients come from different backgrounds and have varying degree of expectations. Some don’t even have a clue as to what they really want, while others peg their demands way too high. For a freelance developer it’s tempting to go along with the client requirements howsoever vague and diffused they may appear to be, in the hope that things will clear up at a later date. This is a huge mistake. You must manage expectations right from the beginning and set practical goals. The end result or product must be realizable and the initial roadmap must be as detailed as possible.

Cost consideration

Most of the projects which freelance developers are asked to handle have severe cost implications. The clients or customers engage a freelancer with the presumption that they would have to pay next to nothing, which is preposterous as far as freelancer is concerned. At the same time the primary reason for a freelance developer to exist is the budget. Developers have to find a balance between cost and services he plans to render. A detailed breakdown of workload versus the time taken for development must be submitted to prospective customers for appreciation. Payments must be adjusted at various stages of development.

Creating a balanced contract

A contract is a written document laying down the rights and obligations of both customer and freelance developer. It should be balanced taking into consideration various issues which impact the project. One sided contacts are a recipe for disaster. Freelance developers must ensure that their contribution and responsibilities are fully recognized in the contract. A balanced contract would result in happy customers and happier developers.

Communication with client

Keeping track of projects and customer informed at all stages of project development is critical to the final outcome of the engagement. There may be several reasons why projects can get complicated. The primary reason why projects fail to reach maturity is because there is a failure or breakdown in communication. Discussing problems and progress with customers will certainly lead to better appreciation by both parties. Cost and time overruns are a reality especially when handling complex projects. Here communication skills are critical to resolve and tackle issues.


Freelance developers need skills other than simple coding to keep their customers happy and coming back for more. Man management and project handling abilities are necessary to successfully negotiate projects. Expectations must be realistic and properly enunciated before commencement of development work. The process must be punctuated with constant communication. In the end what matters is meeting expectations of customer.

Do’s and Don’ts For Successful Engagement With Freelance Developers

The wind is blowing in the direction of Freelancers. They seem to be the flavor of the season. Everyone is looking to outsource work to freelancer developers. The reasons for this sudden upsurge are many. However the result of such engagements has seen a mixed response. Here are some features of a successful engagement with freelance developers.

Is Your Development Roadmap In Place?

Apps are everywhere and they are attracting big money or so we are told. If you have an idea for a good app, you only have to hire a developer and eureka you are dipping your hands in liquid cash. But there is many a slip between the proverbial cup and the lip. App development is not a cake walk. Not only do you have to grasp the intricacies of the app but also know how to go about developing it. For this you need to understand project management. Your app developer may be excellent but he should know what you actually want from him so that he can deliver the goods. Your ideas must be clearly conveyed and the process must be equally evident. This is an important tip for a successful outsourcing engagement.

Does your app developer have live projects to showcase?

They say that proof of the pudding is in the eating. Having a few completed projects under the belt is important. Experience in executing development projects is critical and means much more than mere theoretical knowledge. There are many subtle issues which every developer encounters in executing live projects. The learning curve is pretty long in app development. You must make sure that your prospective developer has enough projects to showcase before awarding contract.

Watertight contracts with specific project deliverables

Time is an important factor in app development. Given enough time anyone can develop an app. Quality of code can lead to smaller code snippets and faster execution. All these factors, including timeline for completion, have to be clearly spelt out in your contract. It often happens that there is a difference of opinion on what you feel is required and what is understood by the developer. Such a situation will certainly lead to disputes at a later stage. It’s best to have a comprehensive contract spelling out all requirements in detail.

Developing a prototype

If you have a large development project, it’s advisable to first design a smaller prototype to test your idea. If you find that the prototype is not satisfactory, you can always shelve the project. In case you are happy with the pilot project, you can increase the scope as required. Modifications and changes can be incorporated after testing the prototype. This process would save you time and money.


Successful engagement with an app developer depends on you. You must have a clear vision and a roadmap which a developer can use as a blueprint. Prior experience in app development can reduce time for execution and also avoid usual pitfalls which befall coders in general.