The Rule Book of App Development Freelancers


As app development becomes a more prevalent form of income for software development freelancers, the need for a “rule book” or code of ethics regarding how a developer will address clients and projects continues to grow. While there may be different methods or perspectives required for each new project, each developer has his or her personal boundaries that they must establish and abide by in order to avoid being uncomfortable in their work. It’s always important to push one’s boundaries and try to take on a variety of projects in order to improve one’s overall skill in their particular field; however, as a freelancer has acquired more skill and knowledge regarding client conduct, it becomes clear that boundaries must be established and upheld.One example of what may be a universal rule in every freelancer’s theoretical rule book is to set a due date for their work. If a client has not specified a specific date for work to be due, discuss it with them as soon as the project is assigned, and if the work is a part of a personal endeavor, establish a due date with yourself. Keeping the concept of time in mind will draw a map that shows where each step nearing the project’s completion will fall on a theoretical timeline.

The most prevalent reason that a code of ethics is required for freelancers in any field is the occasional lack of communication regarding issues such as confidentiality, exact amount of payment, method of payment, and so on. Communication with the client should be considered an investment, and all matters that can be explicitly described and inquired about should be done so as soon as the question arises. It is advisable for an app development freelancer to have a written list of questions that he sends each client so as to cover as many bases as possible offhand, and inquire for additional information as soon as necessary.

As app development is such a creative industry, many freelancers are often producing software on their own without having an outside party present to judge their work or represent the original idea as a solid foundation on which the project is built. For those who are taking on a task of their own, whether it be to test their skill or create something useful for consumers, a code of ethics is also very important. As stated earlier, a personal due date or estimation of completion must be set in order to ensure a timely release of the project. A clear idea of the app’s function should be written down so that the developer does not stray so far from the original idea that they find they have completed an entirely different project. It is also important for their work space to be appropriately set up to avoid distractions. It is not uncommon for people to be easily distracted when their internal monologue is the determining factor of what they do.

All in all, every freelancer in any field must have a code of conduct that applies to each situation and be willing to discuss all additional details with the client without hesitation. If a client is not willing or able to give necessary details, it may be unwise to conduct business with them; if you are not able to clarify an idea enough to start a solid project based on it, then the idea may need to be simplified or elaborated on. Every freelancer has personal preferences regarding how they conduct business, and they should be clarified and discussed whenever applicable.

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