Twitter Sees Smooth Sailing Ahead With Periscope

Social media giant Twitter has purchased start-up venture Periscope, an application that permits individuals to enable the world community to view live streaming of their daily routines and anything else, according to reports in Business Insider. Periscope is a revolutionary mobile, live streaming application for the iPhone. Mobile live streaming is the coolest rage at the moment and is garnering an immense amount of interest for those individuals that have to be “up to the moment, with the latest trends in contemporary technology.

Competing for market share against Meerkat, the creator of the video application technology, Periscope has a more sleek and polished appearance than Meerkat, whose design is similar to that of Snapchat. The Periscope acquisition by Twitter, will be completely different, if not be a step above current offerings by Twitter, such as “Vine,” a platform that is adequate for stored video exchanges captured on the phone, but is rendered useless for exchanging any live content. Immersed in the activity during the recent Ferguson, Missouri riots, and protesting, Twitter was the go-to source for real-time, up to the second reporting. Bringing Periscope on board with Twitter will have an influential impact of how current events are distributed and perceived on a worldwide level, as is with the case with Meerkat now, that is employed by many professional journalists, as a vital tool to their jobs.

Periscope is seemingly like an invisible operator recording your actions, at your discretion, of everyday occurrences, of things that are exciting, and others just plain ordinary and blah. What is recorded becomes a sharing experience, another avenue to be seen, and heard, and just goes to prove that even the simplest, and most mundane activities, can capture the interest of somebody on Planet Earth.

On a more serious level, it can keep family members in touch with each other when distance poses a problem. It is a more viable option than Skype or Google Hangouts, whereby individuals can connect their Twitter audience with just a quick rap, and a few bars of cell service on their iPhone, and it doesn’t get bogged down as video chats do with multiple personalities. Periscope is a one-way avenue of self-indulgence with a minimal amount of interruptions. The potential exists for misuse with images that most individuals that don’t want to see unless behind a closed door, but for now Twitter sees smooth sailing ahead with Periscope.

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