What Every Freelance App Developer Must Know

Become a freelancer if you don’t want the 9 to 5 grind!

That’s right freelancers don’t have a 9 to 5, they have a 12 am to 12 am.

Freelancing isn’t a honeymoon in Bahamas, it’s hard work especially if you have your mind set on becoming a freelance web programmer.

There’s cut-throat competition and it’s no easy feat penetrating a market full of talented developers aiming to recreate the magic of Temple Run and Candy Crush.

But, if there’s a favorable time to be a freelance app developer, it is now (tweet this)

Scope for Freelance App Developers

Smartphone Boom

This is the era of the Smartphone. Where qwerty keypad was once the rage, now people can barely type on one.

And where there is Smartphone, there are apps. And where there are apps, there are app developers.

Even in Indonesian and Indian markets where Smartphone sale is still in its infancy, the hourly rate for developers range between $30 and $70. And companies in the U.S. are happy to shell out upwards of $100 for quality work.

Ashwin Ramasamy, the founder of ContractIQ, reiterates this in a guest post

Indonesia’s local mobile market is robust and growing. While U.S. smartphone usage is peaking (reaching 75 percent in the next two years), Indonesians are not stopping till the next 50 percent of its population gets hooked. 

Cross-Device Development

BYOD (bring your own device) days are very much a reality now. There are number of sub industries that app developers have both the potential and the need to explore.

The idea is to take advantage of the next big thing, and the next big thing is the IoT- Internet of all things.

Every company needs an app

Aside of the Google algorithm changes that reflect the importance of mobile versions and separate apps of a website, the industry biggies are shifting their attention to the mobile market.

With people doing everything from booking a cab to buying a prom dress through their phones, every company needs a web app to announce their presence in the mobile world.

It is estimated that that by the year 2017 the number of apps downloaded would be a whooping 268,692 millions.

Image courtesy statista.com

This only means more scope for freelance app developers as the graph keeps on going up.

Tips for Freelance App Developers

Ready to hand in your resignation letter and make the big switch? Here are a few pointers to help you get sorted:

  • Become a pro at your job. Right from the technical knowhow to the latest industry news, you should be lap up on every bit of information.

  • If you don’t have relative experience to strengthen your case, learn skills that will set you apart. The beauty of technology is that it’s always evolving, and the better you keep pace with the farther you will go.

App store optimization is one such option you can turn to. Learn the mechanics of ASO to provide greater app visibility and make them rank higher in search results.

  • You’re not just a freelance programmer, you are also an entrepreneur. Treat your business as business and it will fetch the type of returns you dreamt of.

  • Even if you are the most talented app developer on the block you need to get the word out. Unless they know about you, they can’t hire you. Market yourself and launch a website with your portfolio and testimonials up.

How Much Do App Developers Earn?

Did you skip the entire article to read this section? We hear you!

After all it does come down to the numbers. Speaking of which, there isn’t a set number.

Just like in every freelancing opportunity freelance developers too can charge anywhere between 0 to infinity, well okay not infinity but a number really well into thousands.

There are a couple of factors that determine how much you make eventually.

Firstly it’s your own experience and skills. If you are already in the league of the big boys (quality of work wise) you can easily make six figures annually.

Another deciding factor is what platform you choose. Most new developer are confused between iOS and Android. While Apple markets its app at a higher price as compared to Android, the scope of earning through paid advertisements on apps is higher on Android considering the magnitude of paid apps available.

For instance in 2014 Google Play close to doubled their volume of apps to 1.43 million from 750,000.

But developers made more $10 billion from iOS apps in 2014 alone.

Lastly, if the cost of developing your app is lower, the profits would be higher.

But this is mainly in theory because eventually it is the number of downloads that determine your earnings and according to research simpler apps are less often downloaded.

There are tons of freelance app developers but it is only the one with passion and perseverance that can etch out a name for themselves. If this is really what you want to do, put in efforts to better yourself every day.

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