Why the Next 10 Years of App Development will smash the last 10

In the recent years app development have witnessed a boom like never before. Now the different app stores are flooded with billions of apps that caters to almost every need imaginable.

From ordering a food from a restaurant, doing shopping and even for a ride home, you call do all that and even more using respective apps. Using apps have not only eased our lives, but also helped us evade boredom in a geeky way. But if you take a peak over a decade back, you would notice that the app usage was not as extensive and wide spread. Earlier, apps were basically developed to serve some core purposes, for example a sophisticated calculator or a multi-purpose alarm clock/ stop-watch. But now 10 years later, apps are influencing almost every aspect of our lifestyle.

So lets find out why there has been significant progress in app development in the past 10 years and how the next 10 years might turn out to be for app development?

  • Innovative ideas – Innovation is the pillar that has paved way for the prosperous app development in the past decade. Earlier app developers and users were more focused and happy with using the orthodox apps that were provided by the market. But once the tide of unique apps hit the audience, they got hooked to it. The innovative apps that were at the forefront of this app revolution, are still going strong. Take for example, Whatsapp. The mobile messaging app, that was recently bought by Facebook for 19 billion dollars was the first of it’s kind. It was released on 2009, and even after 6 years it still is going strong and unrivalled.The growth in app development caught traction especially due to the out of box thinking by the developers. They carefully evaluated the needs and requirements of the general public and created the same in the form of an app. Could you have ever believe a decade ago that you could find a date anywhere around the world by merely using an app? Well, Tinder made that possible. Such apps that caters to different needs of users were the sole outcome of innovative thinking and in years to come, the app ideas are only going to be more vibrant and useful.
  • Changing needs – A decade ago the best source of fresh vegetables at bare minimum price used to be the farmers’ market. But due to hectic life style and busy schedule, people find it extremely difficult to visit the market on a regular basis. Such time bound lifestyle led to the development of an app that lets you choose the vegetables of your choice and get it delivered at your doorstep, that too at a great price. By using apps like Localbaniya, lives of working professionals have been simplified.

General shopping too have been impacted by the booming app development. Earlier, people used to visit brick and mortar business personally to shop or sometimes shop online using a web app, but the shopping apps from a number of different vendors has reshaped the online shopping experience. Such is the power of mobile apps, a few online shopping destinations have started providing support for only apps, and not on their personal website. Take for example, Myntra, this online shopping behemoth has shut down their shopping web-store and confined to only the app version of the same.

  • Increased use of mobile devices – Since the past decade, the use of smartphones has doubled. Currently there are over 4 billion smartphone users worldwide and over a billion other mobile devices. Such a huge arsenal of mobile devices has propelled the necessity of apps exponentially.These apps are easy to use, flaunts great features and serves a lot of purpose. And inclusion of apps in mobile devices further intensifies their purpose. Within a decade, we saw the immergence of a number of different operating system, the likes of Android, iOS, Windows & RIM. These variety of operating systems on different mobile devices also helped in supporting the upheaval of app development.
  • Inception of wearable gadgets – The presence of different wearable gadgets might seem to be mild, but it definitely has a promising future. If anyone wants to know the future of app development in the upcoming decade, the answer would be wearable gadgets. Just as smartphones took the past decade by storm, wearable gadgets unarguably would be the matter of discussion for the upcoming decade.The coming years would witness heavy usage of wearable gadget like smartwatches and smart glasses. Already a number of smart watches from popular vendors like Motorola & Apple are doing the rounds, and this would open new frontiers for app developers. Also the introduction of Google glass will make app developers familiar with interactivity that they never thought to be possible. All in all, app development in the next 10 years would surely be governed by the apps for smart watches and smart glasses.

So to sum up in a few words, increase in app development in the past decade was mainly due to the heavy usage and demand of smartphones. Also, innovation in app ideas contributed to the popularity and well reception of various apps. In today’s market millions of apps are downloaded and used by users worldwide. Such is the popularity of apps that, people worldwide spend around 12 % of their day engaging themselves in one or the other app. In the future or coming decade too, the trend won’t change much. Apps have simplified the way human interact with each other and improved connectivity. Users can connect directly to a market place to buy commodities without even being physically present there. In the future too, with the introduction and use of smart gadget like watches and glasses, app development would witness a whole new frontier and spear ahead in it’s popularity & exposure.

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