Question: What are some best practices for posting App Ideas and hiring App Developers?


1. Preparation: Be prepared before posting your new app idea. You will need to clearly identify your requirements for an app - its specifications, its desired capability and your budget. Recommended data to include in your app description includes:

i. Core Application features. Provide a bullet point list & description of the core application features.

ii. Target audience. Describe your target audience. Examples include: location, company size, industry, occupation, education, income, social groups, age, lifestyle, etc.

iii. Applications with similar features/functions. Specify applications with similar features and/or functions, provide short descriptions for each of them if needed.

iv. Distinctive features of application. Please describe how your application will stand out from applications of your competitors. Describe the powerful features/aspects of your application.

v. Screens content descriptions. Describe each screen in detail, which elements and where will be present on each screen, describe user data-flow, give us any other additional information which will help in development.

vi. Navigation descriptions. Describe how users will navigate between screens: describe menu items, user's screen flow, which transitions will be used for screens switching, etc. Provide other additional information which will help in development.

2. Development Costs & Budgets. Be realistic. Apps are not easy to build and you are paying for the expertise of the App Developer you choose to develop your new app idea. Seeking a complex app to be developed for $100 will not result in many development offers. Remember that you get what you pay for - the lowest quote may not always be the best App Developer. App Developers can propose higher or lower amounts based on what they estimate the job will cost to complete and how much they want to win your business. The budget you set in the beginning does not lock you into a price range. Communicating an estimated and realistic range helps app developers target their proposals to your needs.

3. Payment to a Developer. It is always good practice to establish a payment plan with the developer you choose to develop your app. For example, you could agree to pay 50% to begin the project and then pay two more installments of 25% each after certain milestones, such as the first beta version, and after the final product is complete. Prices and payment plans will vary between app developers. We also recommend use of our escrow service for the safety of all parties involved.

4. Timelines and Deliverables. Agree upon reasonable deadlines for testing and completion of your app.

5. Confidentiality. If you feel that you want to protect your idea, require the App Developer to execute a non-disclosure agreement.

6. Updates. Ask your App Developer for daily or weekly status updates throughout the idea development process.

7. Do Your Homework. Determine if the App Developer has the experience you seek. Review the App Developer's profile for feedback from other App Idea People. Also, be sure to review the App Developer's portfolio. If it doesn't have a portfolio posted, ask to see samples of it's work.

8. Ask the App Developer questions! For example, has the App Developer successfully developed an application in an app store? Make sure they have the experience you seek. The more you know the better prepared you will be to accept a quote.