Question: How can I increase the chances of my quote being accepted?

Answer: While we cannot guarantee that your quote will be accepted, here are some useful tips:
1. Your Portfolio. Use our portfolio service to display samples of your work, e.g., screenshots of your published apps.
2. Your Profile. Create a well written profile without grammatical errors or typos. It should clearly display your background and experience with regard to creating apps.
3. Your Quotes. If you have questions about the App Idea, use the PMB to first ask questions before you place your quote. It is frequently the case that App Idea People do not articulate all of their wants and needs. Remember to spell check your quotes!
4. Your Payment Requirements. Propose payment schedules that will show you are motivated to get the work done in a timely manner, such as asking for a relatively low initial down payment of 20 or 25 percent, with progress payments based on agreed-upon milestones.