Question: How are disputes resolved between App Idea People and App Developers?

Answer: Although infrequent, a disagreement can occur between an App Idea Person and an App Developer. In such instances, offers dispute resolution assistance (as long as you are in compliance with the User Agreement).

To initiate a dispute, send an email to [email protected] explaining in detail the nature of the dispute, including amongst other things, (i) the name of each party involved; (ii) the name of the project; (iii) monies paid, due or held in Escrow; and (iv) how you wish to see the matter resolved.

Once we receive a dispute, a member of the Team will submit the claim to the opposing party. The other party has a maximum of five (5) business day to review the claim and provide a response. The goal of this exercise is to clearly define the issue at hand and for the parties to resolve the dispute amongst themselves.

If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute amongst themselves, a team member will review the materials provided, including all ON-SITE communications, and make a non-binding suggestion as to how to best proceed in order to resolve the dispute. OFF-LINE communications such as correspondence via personal email is not eligible for dispute resolution assistance.

If the parties do not agree with's resolution plan, we will provide you will details of an online arbitration forum(s). The cost of such arbitration will be shared between the App Idea Person and the App Developer. will neither be a party to the arbitration nor liable for any actions or inactions of either party.