Title: My New Bub

As a mum with a newborn you have a lot on your mind. This app allows you to record and time breast feeds and bottle feeds, remember what side you last fed from or how much they drank, enter and graph growth records, record immunisation dates and details, log information so data can be emailed when needed.

Easy to use - just tap and go
Allows users to email data recorded assisting in sharing information with support groups or doctors
Record feeding times or amounts
Track feed times and sides
Immunisation reminders with sections to add notes about doctors, child's reactions etc.
Quick record keeping for tracking growth records
Ability to edit log feeds should you miss an entry
Displays last feed time and time baby fed on each side
Ability to update pictures as baby grows
Able to be used to track more than one baby's growth and development
Helpful tutorials on how to use app on website
Integration with Facebook and Twitter

Category: iPhone iPod Touch iPad