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Profile: Spanish company. Young team passionate in webdevelopment and mobile applications. Over 10 years of experience developing e-commerce websites and webapplications for book publishing companies. 1,5 year developing for iOS, Android, Facebook Check our Portfolio to see our latest developments. We are an european intra-Community operator (trader).
Title: News App for Android

App that allows the user read the news of the website electromarket_dot_com. The app allows the user to share the news via Facebook or email. The users can register and make searches.

Category: Android Facebook
Title: Barcelona City Guide

Barcelona tourist city guide. It works with the GPS functionality to inform the user of the points of interest.

Category: iPhone
Title: Book catalogue for Iphone

App that allows the user consult the catalogue of a publishing company. The app updates with the catalogue to keep its data current.

Category: iPhone
Title: Facebook Contest App

Facebook App that manages a litterary contest with facebook users.

Category: Facebook
Title: WebApp for lawyers

Webapp for mobile devices that allows the users with proper identification consult changes in recent spanish laws.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch BlackBerry Android Palm Pre Symbian Windows Mobile iPad