Username: BigBalli
Name/Company: Giacomo Balli
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Country: Italy
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Average Pricing: $45/hour
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Profile: I'm a freelance developer based in Italy. Have my personal projects in the AppStore which are quite successful. The applications I created for other companies are obviously under the respective owner accounts but may discuss if required. I currently focus on iOS and mobile web development. I love working on "new" concepts and coming up with original content. Full experience with HTML5/CSS3/AJAX since start. Attended WWDC last year. Thorough exposure to PhoneGap multi-platform development. Solid Photoshop skills. Used to taking into account all aspects of a projects (ability to complete single tasks without losing main goal/needs). My official hourly rate is 45$/hr. However, I usually agree on a project price after discussing the details. Personal projects - First app guidelines -
Title: Many different apps
Category: iPhone iPod Touch Other iPad