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Profile: I have around 3 years of development experience. I worked on Web application / mobile application. I created several games too using cocos2d and game salad. I have an experience in integrating Social Networks and Game center. I used online data storage from mobile in many applications as my web development experience help me in coding server side script too.
Title: Practice Pro Golf

Practice Pro helps golfers to use their time at the driving range more effectively. Instead of aimlessly bashing balls, the app randomly generates different shots for you to attempt, providing a clear objective for every swing.


Category: iPhone iPod Touch
Title: MyLilCoach-2

Studies show that behavior can be changed through the use of gentle reminders. The Mylil’Coach application was developed by a Registered Dietitian to help her patients change behavior and comply with the basics of a healthy lifestyle; eating right, drinking enough water, exercise and stress reduction.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch iPad

This steelpan app is a one of a kind application for your ipad/iphone. The user will be able to play an entire range of a steelband/steel orchestra in this one application. The user can also do this in different styles in the form of a Tenor, a Double Seconds or a Six Bass.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch iPad