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Profile: Y Media Labs is an award-winning mobile strategy and application development company. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business objectives through the power of mobile technology. One of our app Intro to Letters got featured in iOS commercial. We have worked with top brands namely Stanford University, Genentech, BudLight, Safeway, FootLocker, BBC, Le Meridien and Lonely Planet.
Title: Intro to Letters

Y Media Labs a San Francisco based company has created this app for Montessorium. This app has been featured in the iOS Commercial.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch Android
Title: Scruzzleword

ScruzzleWord is the first puzzle game completely reinvented to take advantage of the interactivity of the iPhone.

ScruzzleWord comes with 50 professionally created crossword puzzles in the American symmetrical style. Each new puzzle begins with all but four of its letters scrambled. The four correctly placed letters are highlighted in gold. You may tap on any golden square to see the across and down clue for that square. Your objective is to unscramble the remaining letters by moving them into the correct squares. Each correct square will turn gold and ring a bell. The puzzle is solved when all the squares turn golden.

In addition to “Beginner Mode” which is described above, ScruzzleWord can be set to “Challenge Mode” which limits clues to non-touching golden squares. Skilled word puzzle solvers will absolutely love Challenge Mode as it requires them to fill in the puzzle grid strategically using a variety of techniques familiar from classic word games such as Scrabble, Word Search and even Sudoku.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch Android
Title: Alpha Writer - iPhone App

Featured in NEW & NOTEWORTHY and What's Hot on the App Store! Also TOP 20 paid apps in the education category.

Alpha Writer is a unique and interactive way to introduce your child to the world of language. Alpha Writer helps kids learn to read, write and spell phonetically, while composing words and creating stories.

Based on the proven methodology of the famous Montessori moveable alphabet, the award-winning team brings you another outstanding app in the Montessorium app series.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch
Title: Stanford eCorner

Stanford eCorner Five Star App

Entrepreneurs, business leaders and students now have access to the world's greatest advisory board with eCorner for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Watch and listen to almost 2000 videos and podcasts from today's most successful entrepreneurial minds.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch
Title: Locate My Phone

Currently adding over 1000 new users per day.

LocateMyPhone is a location-aware iPhone application and web service that allows you to track and locate your phone if it gets lost or stolen.

You can create geo-alert zones to have the phone automatically send emails to friends and family, or send reminders to you upon entering or leaving those locations. You can share a link to your real-time location map on Twitter, Facebook, or by email.

You can also send push messages to your iPhone remotely from our website in the unlikely event that you lose your phone, so that the person who finds it reads your message and returns your phone. Best of all, LocateMyPhone works even when your phone is password-locked.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch