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Title: Rumble

It is a cool and sassy social reader for your device that provides a simple style environment to explore, read and share your favorite daily news and blogs content. Rumble Genie brings you related articles to complement your favored reading. Based on news trends and social information, the Genie matches your interests and readings with articles. Rumble Channels is a community where members can follow the reading habits of other fellow Rumble users.Whenever you read an item, you can share it over your personal channel.

Category: Android Facebook Twitter iPad
Title: Bigrbox

An application for watching video from video-hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, BigrBox.

Category: Facebook Twitter iPad
Title: TTP

An application that enables users to shot a special character on the TV screen at the time of broadcasting and to add it to the list of reminders for the next broadcasts. Also supported the keeping of a general list of TV programs, news, according to selected TV programs, the displaying of detailed information about the selected program, sending message about the program or news by means of Facebook or Twitter.

Category: iPhone Facebook Twitter iPad
Title: AppNRide

A program which helps passengers to find and call free taxis, which are nearby. Also allows users to find other users who want to make a trip to the same place for the joint trip (Taxi sharing). The value of GPS gauge is used for determination of the location and for sending it to the server.

Category: iPhone
Title: Balaboom

An application, enabling popular people (mostly artists) to provide fans with updated information (text information, photos, video, communication)

Category: iPhone Facebook Twitter Other
Title: Groupotition

An application for organizing and holding a promotional competitions by business representatives, using the scheme: N amount of prizes for first-arrived and M amount of encouraging prizes. The identification of the location of participants is maintained by GPS gauge. The application consists of 2 parts: the first one is for participants and the second - for organizers of competition.

Category: iPhone Facebook Twitter iPad
Title: ENTI


An application which is used for self-formation and for sending the report of health status of the patient to the doctor. Supports video, photos, audio notes to the report, the text information (from filled modes).


Category: iPhone
Title: iMyVoice

An application for teaching children how to speak. Provides the ability to customize the scheme objects with attached to them voice records.

Category: iPad