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Title: Smart Talking Alarm

This is not like a normal or simple alarm, In this alarm you can set the alarm timing and when the alarm will on at that time

you have to input one code which is displayed on your screen and after inputing that password, than and only than you 

can stop the alarm otherwise not...,


so you will HAVE TO getup properly to input that particular password and OBVIOUSLY THIS WE WANT write...? because     

we set the alarm for this purpose only...


And yes... Smart Talking Alarm also wishes you when you get up.


Alarm will Talk to you when you set the alarm time and when you get up...


And yes another thing is that... This Smart Talking Alarm wishes you as soon as you get up according to the day timing


Good Morning... wishing you a nice and good day ahead...

and also some other wishes it wishes you...


So in this way this alarm is smarter than any... normal or simple alarm clock so that we can getup surely...


Recent Changes

Reduce the code : 8 digits to 5 digits

Change the keypad type : when alarm is on (On PopUpScreen)

              --> User can easily input the code by New keypad


We are going to launch new version very shortly with More Features.. please keep check on Android Market

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