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Profile: The modern firm requires an online presence, a mobile experience and cutting-edge software. The issue firms face is that getting these solutions is too expensive, out-sourcing is too complicated with the results reliably unreliable. TTOX is the revolution in mobile + web development. The TTOX hub based in Philadelphia operates a network of 150+ designers and developers sourced from of the top firms across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Developers in the TTOX network have built successful products for clients ranging from small startups and entrepreneurs, to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our globalized cost structure allows us to guarantee high-quality development in at freelancer rates, typically coming in at one-third to one-half of domestic costs. Furthermore, we ensure that our clients are receiving the most competitive offers by conducting a double-blind project offering to two or more of our most qualified teams and selecting the best estimate. At 7+ million in TTOX partner product downloads in the Google Play and Apple App stores, numerous multinational corporations running on our software and satisfied customers around the world, TTOX is the only solution for your development needs. With our seasoned, domestically-based project management team and our star-studded developer talent, outsourcing your software development needs is no longer a trek into the unknown. With TTOX, you now have an advocate on your side.
Title: Western Union Money Trans
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Summary: A mobile application developed by a developer in our network implemented a Mobile Money Transfer service for Western Union. The service enables users to access the international money transfer system directly from their handsets regardless of whether they had a bank account or not.

-Send money from a mobile wallet to any country with a Western Union to be deposited directly into another mobile wallet or picked up physically
-Locate and contact Western Union agents
-View mobile wallet balance + transaction details
Category: iPhone iPod Touch BlackBerry Android iPad
Title: Audi Showroom App

An iOS app built by a developer in our network for Audi Canada. It is an enterprise application that allows sales representatives to price vehicles for potential customers and have relevant information sent to e-mail addresses.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch Other iPad
Title: Vivity Labs

A collection of fun games, personalized training sessions and visual tools to improve brain performance built for a leading brain-training company by a developer in our network.

Currently over 4,000,000 downloads and more than 1.6 million games played. Was top downloaded education app in the Canadian App Store and Top 10 in the same category in the US App Store in first three weeks of release.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch Android iPad
Title: LaLa Lunchbox

Featured in the NY Times, this is an educational iOS app for kids to teach nutrition and plan meals. It empowers kids, teaches them to make smarter food choices and helps them learn about advance planning.

Features include:
-personalize and design their lunchboxes with fun monster avatars and colors,
-create weekly lunch plans
-swipe food choices into their lunchbox from a large selection of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and snacks
-edit, personalize and add new food items by taking a photo in Food Library and create grocery lists
-sharing of meal plans to Facebook, Twitter and email

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Title: mobe
Mobile Apps phonegap,javascript,css,ios-development,android-app-development,blackberry-app-development,html

One of our developer built a cross-platform mobile application for a leading mobile payment service that processes transactions for financial institutions, businesses and individual consumers.

Category: iPhone iPod Touch BlackBerry Android Other iPad
Title: GameHop

A visually-stunning HTML5 site designed and developed by one of our developers for video game retailer/renter. More than two dozen pages with a custom CMS and implemented SEO

Category: Other
Title: Chanel

A stunning iOS app built to support the rollout of its J12 Moonphase watch line. Used to help Chanel staff explain the product's mechanical processes.

Highly customized UI fueled by dozens of animations, transitions and visual effects which made use of the device's gyroscope and accelerate sensors.

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