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sonny $1.00 30 days   March 22, 2010 N/A Report Project Violation
     Hi There, I would like to see if we can partner with your company for this project. Best way would be to setup a conference call to discuss this opportunity, this way we would be able understand your requirement better and we can come back to you with a appropriate business case and estimates. Please share your contact details. Diaspark is one of few companies that have worked on data applications for mobile platform since its advent. We consistently align our Wireless offerings with the changing dynamics of this industry. Our years of global experience in developing variety of applications make us a perfect partner to manage your mobile initiatives. With several hundred applications delivered, we have experience on all mobile technologies
DBBEST $3000.00 15 days   120 hours March 25, 2010 N/A Report Project Violation


I think we fit your project very well. Please  check your PMB to review our demo links and contact  details.

Thank you


apps247 $3500.00 21 days   March 31, 2010 N/A Report Project Violation

Hi! Wow, I'm a mom and I'd love to make this app for you.  I would definitely give you all the guidance and layout support I can! I also have a lot of websites and info to share in this arena.  This is an excellent concept. :)  Love to talk further!  I know you will be happy with my work and I will not stop be happy until you are.  Happy Easter! :)