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BigBalli View my Portfolio $1750.00 18 days   July 12, 2011 rating (1 reviews) Report Project Violation

Good Morning,

I'm a freelance developer based in Italy.


Have my personal projects in the AppStore which are quite successful.

The applications I created for other companies are obviously under the respective owner accounts but may discuss if required.


I currently focus on iOS and mobile web development.

I love working on "new" concepts and coming up with original content.

Full experience with HTML5/CSS3/AJAX since start.

Attended WWDC last year.

Thorough exposure to PhoneGap multi-platform development.

Solid Photoshop skills.

Used to taking into account all aspects of a projects (ability to complete single tasks without losing main goal/needs).


My official hourly rate is 75$/hr. However, I usually agree on a project price after discussing the details.


Would love to have more details so we can further discuss.




$500.00 15 days   July 12, 2011 N/A Report Project Violation

anshumaansingh2000 View my Portfolio $1200.00 15 days   July 12, 2011 rating (2 reviews) Report Project Violation

Hi ,

I have an experience of over 3 years developing mobile apps. Would be happy to develop your app. Looking forward for your response.

GreekOphion $250.00 20 days   August 02, 2011 N/A Report Project Violation

I am a 16 year old developer. I havve made over 50 different app for Android powered phones. This app seems like it would be pretty easy. I don't know why people want to charge so much... Anyway I hope you have a nice journey with your app.