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hemalh View my Portfolio $495.00 15 days   August 23, 2011 rating (1 reviews) Report Project Violation



We are ranked in top 10 Mobile Programmer on PPH out of 142276 programmers, this to us is no small matter. 


It is our tireless hard work of last 5 years, which is now showing results.



CHECK PMB for details.

jezmanser $10000.00 Immediately   August 23, 2011 N/A Report Project Violation

Good Morning,

My company is just about to release a medical dictionary for iPhone and Android (in the next couple of days).

It contains over 75,000 entries.

We would be willing to sell you the data for 10,000 US dollars.

Or you can buy the rights to the app on both platforms for 20,000

Get in touch.


Kind Regards


Jeremy Manser

Arms and Legs Ltd (UK)


BigBalli View my Portfolio $850.00 12 days   August 23, 2011 rating (1 reviews) Report Project Violation


Good Morning,

I'm a freelance developer based in Italy.


Have my personal projects in the AppStore which are quite successful.

The applications I created for other companies are obviously under the respective owner accounts but may discuss if required.


I currently focus on iOS and mobile web development.

I love working on "new" concepts and coming up with original content.

Full experience with HTML5/CSS3/AJAX since start.

Attended WWDC last year.

Thorough exposure to PhoneGap multi-platform development.

Solid Photoshop skills.

Used to taking into account all aspects of a projects (ability to complete single tasks without losing main goal/needs).


My official hourly rate is 75$/hr. However, I usually agree on a project price after discussing the details.


Would love to have more details so we can further discuss.




giacomoballi (dot) com (slash) apps


i-systech $500.00 5 days   August 23, 2011 N/A Report Project Violation

We have full db support for iphone, we are able to get the job done

just2raj View my Portfolio $450.00 16 days   September 12, 2011 N/A Report Project Violation


I have over 3 years of experience developing mobile applications. I am interested in developing your app. Looking forward fo your positive response. We can work upon the timelines and estimates once i get your detailed idea and its content if any.

Ready to sign the NDA.

With Regards