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MindMashStudios View my Portfolio $4500.00 25 days   June 01, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation

We have expert developers who have expertise of these types of applications , we complete the project before the deadline

Kashif $3000.00 30 days   June 01, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation


Please check your PMB.



hyla526 View my Portfolio $2000.00 30 days   June 01, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation


Dear, Sir.

Please check your PMB.


hemalh View my Portfolio $2995.00 30 days   June 02, 2012 rating (1 reviews) Report Project Violation

22 Experts in Team. Professional work Guaranteed.

nicks707 $2000.00 25 days   June 02, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation

hi there , 

i present myself on behalf of my team of 7 dedicated professionals including me won many national and international awards . work in time guaranteed .

best regards


sa_thish View my Portfolio $2000.00 30 days   June 04, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation



We would like to have a requirement gathering session privately to make sure to discuss about the apps which you looking now.


We will be able to talk mastery in english and we would get you more ideas as we travel with the development.


We are a team of 100 + Employees where in we have a seperate Apps team where in there are two heads with iPhone and Android systems.  


These are the some of our apps:


1. Logistics Application 

Platform:  Android 4.3 , Run in all screens


2. Talking Monkey

Platform:  Android 4.3 , Run in all screens 


3:      Match IT

Platform:  Android 4.3 , Run in all screens


Iphone Apps ( Recent completions ) 


1. Project Management System 

Platform: xcode-4.2, IOS-5, iPhone-4



3. Ball game 

Platform: xcode-4.2, IOS-5, iPhone-4


4. Simple and compound interest 

Platform: xcode-4.2, IOS-5, iPhone-4


5.    Whether India:

Platform: xcode-4.2, IOS-5, iPhone-4


Drop me a message let us discuss more about this project.





Business team



Anna Zhabrikova View my Portfolio $4500.00 30 days   June 05, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation

Hi James,


Check your PMB, please.


My kind regards,

Anna Zhabrikova

Sales Manager at NovaIdeas LLC

ymedialabs View my Portfolio $30000.00 30 days   June 05, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation

We are an award winning mobile app design and development company based out of San Francisco, CA. Please check our quality of app at our portfolio . The quote and Delivery time provided here is a ball park estimate. Actual quote and Delivery Time will be provided based on the Scope of Work and consultation with the Development Engineers.

fandura View my Portfolio $2500.00 30 days   June 05, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation

I've gone through your post and I have a few questions to clarify what you're looking to do with the app in terms of UI (User Interface Design), functionality, etc. We have a system for development that makes the process of building your app a lot easier. We've launched over 40+ apps through our app factory.

Here is just a small portion of apps we've worked on that are live in the app store:

1) Virtual Water

2) Is It Ready Yet

3) Toddler Alphabet

4) Cocktails

5) World of Safari

6) Animal Hide & Seek

7) My Pet


We'd love to learn more about the app. What time today or tomorrow is good to go over it and chat in more detail? This will help us get all the info we need to provide an accurate and final price/timeline. Send us a PM and we'll chat. Looking forward to it. 


Co-Founder, Fandura Inc.

teamfandura (skype)

mobispector $2300.00 20 days   June 06, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation

Hello Sir,

MobiSpector is based in London, United Kingdom. We have over 18 programmers, all experts in their various respective programming disciplines. MobiSpector has additional office in India handling our global business and clients. We are a mobile application development company and develop apps on cross platforms. We have successfully deployed more than 40+ apps on cross platforms.

Some of our recent apps:
1) Street Spark
2) Name search Tm legal
3) Master Golf Quiz
4) Build a story book
5) Photo eCards
6) Business Tycoon
7) Celebrity Gossip
8) Facebook Photo Slideshow
9) Happy Bidz Reverse Auction
10) Yacht Sentinel
11) Regatta Track
Please feel free to get in touch with us for further discussions and a final quote and timelines will be provided upon discussing the project in detail.

Many Thanks
Asst. Manager Business Development

jpandroid $2500.00 30 days   June 10, 2012 N/A Report Project Violation

Hi, not sure if you ended up hiring an app developer but just wanted to make sure that you were aware of a promotion we have right now for anyone who wants a full customizable app. Basically we're committing to creating full Android applications for anyone who's willing to donate $2500 via our rockethub crowdfunding page.

This can include your app with any other functionality you might desire. You decide and as long as you donate, we will stay within the fixed $2500. Please email me and I'll provide you with more information about it. 

We are located in the US and would love to talk to you about your app needs. We've done apps for companies like Old Navy, American Express, even Control4 home automation.