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MindMashStudios View my Portfolio $2000.00 25 days   December 01, 2014 N/A Report Project Violation


I hope you are fine , we are working around four plus year in this firm , we have made many of the tops apps like Instragram type app, Draw Something type app, Quiz type app and other top apps which comes on appstore soon, we have      both Mobile and web team who are working on different project and our clients are very happy for our work. As I seen your project query we have made an app of gps in which it will track the user about how many miles he cover and which speed it will take it but as I have seen your app , so I think your app idea is very    nice and we can make it easily , but before going further we have some question          regarding your app, so message me then I will ask each question and then after that each question clarification we will start work on that , we will waiting for your positive response, for the time being I will given you ball park cost so after contacting us I will give you reasonable cost and time line so that we will move further.

we are interested in working with you because you app idea is very nice and we have made this type of app and your app idea is very nice so we are willing to work on your project , Lets connect so that we will talk on this     project.

mitchelltrulli $1000.00 25 days   December 02, 2014 N/A Report Project Violation

I am an app developer and have seen your Idea and believe I am capable of building it. Also, I am willing to work for equity in the app!!!

You should check out  sparkideas .co  ( sorry I had to add spaces they dont allow to message website links )  sparkideas (dot) co

  You can post your app ideas for free and offer a % equity to have a developer build it for free.


Let me know when youve posted!